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Nov 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
critico la autoridades dicen que el accidente no está relacionado con las drogas pero lanzan una advertencia a la gente en esta epoca. >> ellos no durmieron por hacer compras . >> la familia es de san bruno y este desenlace los marcó. >> no esta claro si las hermanas que salierond espediddas etnian cinturon. >> gracias y hay que tener precaución la policía de san francisco está detectando a quienes no cumplan con las leyes de tráfico . >> así puedes saber quién está caminando al lado tuyo. >> la primera semana de noviembre 2 personas heridas y los números de personas heridas bajó solo murieron 11 persona en california 2 menos que el 2011 y 2 personas arrestadas 2 menos que el año pasado. >> la euforia por los decuentos es increíble la gente sigue llegando. >> gracias y ¿qué tal? te saludo desde el sur de la bahia y fuimos al centro comercial y recogimos impresiones nosotros vinismos a eso . >> bajo la línea de 1 hora. >> la auforia llego viernes negro y se surtieron. >> ropa, zapatos juguetes >> voy como en 900 dólares . >> cuál es el plan. >> para toda la famil
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Nov 24, 2012 10:00am PST
the judges, we also have a call from the opposition leader mohammed el baradei saying there will be no dialog with the president until the new powers are rescinded. what do you think is happening? >> well, what we've got here is not exactly a rule of law situation coming unglued. the judges have been very political actors, morsi looks at them as the people who involui invalidated the egyptian parliament and muslim brotherhood and radical islamicists. what we've got here is competition between basically illegitimate groups who hold power and that's what this struggle is about. >> heather: do you see a potential for a civil war between the groups to break out? >> i don't think that mohamed el baradei represents many people nor do the judges. what the judges reflect is that portion of the population that thought hosni mubarak's regime brought stability to the country and that's why they supported it. the real issue here, i think, is whether morsi comes into confrontation with the egyptian military. he's been trying to pack the military with muslim brotherhood sympathizer by rank and by and large
Nov 23, 2012 5:30pm PST
-- hamdin sabbahi from the leftist al- karamah party, and constitution party founder mohamed el- baradei, who tweeted yesterday that morsi had appointed himself "a new pharaoh." in his decree, morsi also held out the possibility of a second trial for hosni mubarek for the killings of protestors. >> suarez: texpln why morsi took these steps and the reaction that followed, i'm joined by nathan brown, an expert on egyptian constitutional law and politics. he's a professor at george washington university. do you find it significant that this wasn't just tahrir square but alexandria, port said. >> oh, yes. essentially most of the non-islammist political forces in egypt-- that is the brotherhood and others aside-- have lined up against us. the real question is are they going to be able to form a united front? and do they have any strategy by which to overturn morsi's decisions. >> suarez: what exactly has he done through these decrees? what did he say-- what powers did he give to himself, basically, until there's a constitution? >> well, he did a lot of little things. he dismissed the old pros
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
, police in clear lake are asking for the public's help to find two teenage girls. 15-year-olds lacy el wood and sarah beck last seen at a taco bell on saturday. el wood is described as 5' 6, 145 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes. beck is described as 5' 7, 135 pounds with blonde hair and hazel eyes. police say the girls may be headed to the yucaya area. >>> tensions may be easing in the middle east. israel has loosened travel restrictions along the gaza border and so far, there are no reports of any new violent attacks. tens of thousands of school children returned to class this morning, after eight days of fighting along the border. a u.n. spokesman says students spent their first day back in school talking about their fears and experiences before the cease-fire. >>> in egypt, there is growing opposition to that country's new democratically elected leader. crowds protested at cairo's square, calling for president mohammed morsi. he says the courts cannot overrule his decisions, but protesters who helped overthrow the old regime led by mubarak warn egypt's new government hasn't chaingsd.
FOX News
Nov 24, 2012 1:00pm PST
the opposition leader mohammed el baradei says that it's not possible unless morsi rescinds the powers he's given himself. are those the things that morsi wants to happen. a lot of judges were appointed by mubarak and he would want them out and does he really need to negotiate or have any dialog with the opposition? does he want that? >> no, he doesn't. and here, this is the final piece in the entire mosaic, and morsi being a complete pharaoh, a dictator. the first thing he and the muslim brotherhood got was a the parliament. now, a muslim brotherhood controlled parliament. then the presidency and next the independent army and military. and morsi got rid of the top generals appointed by mubarak and put in his own guys, the muslim brotherhood generals. and the next step was the independent press, state-owned press and media now has been replaced with muslim brotherhood advocates. now the final step is that independent judiciary, they have now said, well, you can't take us out and morsi says, forget it we're not going to play by your rules, your rules won't even apply to us. so, there's a final ste
FOX News
Nov 24, 2012 3:00am PST
decisions above the law and free he from judicial review until the parliament is ele surprising. and the president called president morsi to thank him for effort and reaffirm the close partnership between the united states and egypt. last night the state department issued a statement expressing reservations about what he's doing and made clear in their view the actions he's taking conflict with the idea that fueled the arab spring a year ago. the state department says one of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution, and the current constitutional vacuum in egypt can only be resolved by a constitution that includes checks and balances and respects fundamental freedoms and rule of law consistent with egypt's international commitments. and el baradei is more blunt and twitter, morsi usurped all parents and' pointed himself egypt's new garo, a major blow that could have dire consequences. only a little more than five months since morsi became egypt's first democratically elected presiden
Nov 23, 2012 6:30pm PST
. 83% que califican para la expansiÓn del medicaid. desconocen esta opciÓn. el gobierno creara lo que en inglÉs se llama ex... la falta de conocimiento del pÚblico puede producir el efecto opuesto. y los hospitales temen que si el programa no tiene Éxito, continuaran teniendo que absorber las deuda de los pacientes que no pueden pagar. >>> en la alianza nacional para la salud de los hispanos, estÁn preocupados, de que esta comunidad se quede fuera. >>> que yo sÉ que nuestra gente, cuando ellos saben lo que tienen que hacer, lo hacen, para cuidar a su familia, a sus hijos. >>> grupos privados se preparan para combatir la falta de informaciÓn con campaÑas millonarias, explicando los beneficios, lo harÁn a una poblaciÓn xep tica de los seguros y no convencido que esta ley los ayudara. en washington, telemundo. >>> seguimos en washington. y la cÁmara de representantes de someter a votaciÓn la proxima semana una propuesta sobre inmigraciÓn que ampliarÍa las visas para estudiantes extranjeros de ciencias y tecnologÍa, la iniciativa facilitarÍa los trÁmites migratorios. para
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)